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Unfortunately due to the recent circumstances from COVID-19 all Job Guarantee’s and Job Placements are halted until further notice. 

Bartending School With Job Placement

What Sets Us Above Other Schools

Long Beach Bartending Jobs

are flowing! Our bartending school has jobs for graduates upon graduation. In addition to staffing bartenders, we deal with 3 of the largest staffing companies in Southern California. Most bartending schools in and around the Long Beach area cannot say the same. Additionally, we have more Long beach bartending jobs than all the other schools combined. That is why we guarantee our graduates jobs or they will receive a 100% refund. Ask another bartending school near Long Beach if they provide the same offer, they don’t.

Long Beach is the best Bartending school with Job Placement!

Long Beach Bartending School is Not the Closest School

Even though Long Beach Bartending School is not the closest bartending school, we should look at this. First, where does one go to get a 100% guarantee? If one must drive 10 miles further, is the quality education worth it? Who will be hired if one of our graduates is applying for a job against a graduate from another school?

No one except for our school and our sister schools offers a 100% guarantee. If one must drive 10 miles further than the closest bartending school its worth it because of the quality of education. Additionally, owners and managers hire Long Beach Bartending School graduates before any other school.

Why Do Owners and Managers Prefer Long Beach Bartending School

Many people inquiring about our school ask us, “Why do owners and managers prefer Long Beach Bartending School?” It’s easy, we train you two and a half times more than any other bartending school. The more training one obtains the more desirable they are. The faster the bartender is, the faster they are able to serve drinks during the period of a “rush”. The more drinks that are delivered over the wood, the more profit the owner makes. The whole theory makes perfect sense to owners and managers. Owners and managers are in business to increase profits!

Bartending Job Placement

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