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#1 Bartending School in Lakewood, California

Thinking about attending a Los Angeles County bartending school? Please come and visit with us. We teach our students using a fully functional bar and non-alcoholic liquid. In addition, our bartending school has real bar equipment. Graduates from our Long Beach Bartending School Lakewood are provided with the best job placement in the industry. Long Beach Bartending School, located in Lakewood CA, trains several hundred bartenders per year. Additionally, we work with you one-on-one from day one.

LA County Bartending Jobs

Our Long Beach Bartending School is the leader in job placement. Furthermore, we are the only bartending school in the nation to guarantee bartending jobs. We have relationships with bars, restaurants, stadiums, theaters, and several staffing companies. This affords us the opportunity to offer each graduate several options. Most bartending schools are incapable of offering as many options as we do.

Becoming a bartender is not difficult if the proper system is set up to catapult graduates into the industry. Moreover, choosing a bartending school is paramount to landing Los Angeles county bartending jobs. We are hard-working people with integrity. Understandably, students have busy schedules and most have limited funds. Our goal is to offer the best Bartending Training in Lakewood to help each and every graduate reach their goals in the bartending industry. We work with you until you are successful.

Bartending in Two or Three Weeks

Most students complete our 100 hour curriculum in a few weeks. However, some students have graduated from our program in as little as 10 days. The average person graduates in three and a half weeks. The advantage to our school is our students may use the school as much as they want anytime we are open. Equally important, we will work with each student as much as they need to help them become successful, high-volume bartenders.

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