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Bartending Classes

Our bartending classes are not the average “bartending classes”. We provide as much one on one attention to each and every student who needs it. Yes, you heard it right! We have full-time instructors for the bartender course at Long Beach Bartending School, to work with students whenever they show up to the school. This “come and go as you please” policy is a huge hit in the industry.

For example, if you are a single parent and your child is feeling a little ill, you are not forced to come to class. However, if you want to come to class all day the next day, you can! We understand life is filled with challenges and we are here to serve you in the most efficient manner. We want everyone signing up for our bartending classes to succeed!

Bartending Classes Made Easy

Since we provide in person bartending class, many people say it’s “bartending classes made easy”. Working with our instructors is easy because they are all bartenders, they love their teaching job, and they have a wealth of information to teach you for a highly qualifying bartender course. Everything is learned in small steps so the information is easily retained. There is not one person who puts in the effort who does not graduate. Additionally, we work with you until you are capable of handling the bar while it’s crowded.

Students Makeing Drinks in our bartending class

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We have successfully helped thousands of students by providing bartender training to launch their bartending careers as soon as they graduate. Contact us today to get more info on how to start your new career!

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    Why Choose Us?

    Find out why we’re the leading Los Angeles Bartending School

    One on One Bartending Training

    We give all our students personalized one on one bartender training to ensure every student gets quality time with our experienced instructors.

    Train in a Professional Bar Setting

    All our classes are taught in our state of the art, fully stocked bar that offers the same equipment that you’d see in an actual bar or restaurant.

    Flexible Class Schedules

    We offer the most flexible class schedule of any Bartending School in Southern California to ensure we can accommodate our students busy schedules.  

    Graduate in as little as 10 days

    We offer programs that allow determined and motivated students to graduate in as little as 10 days depending on their attendance. Contact us to learn more today.

    Bartending Jobs Guaranteed

    We are one of the only bartending schools in Southern California to guarantee our students get a job offer the day they graduate.

    Years of Industry Experience

    Our team of passionate instructors provides has years of experience and has successfully trained thousands of students to launch their bartending careers. 

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    Our Bartenders Rock It!

    Most bartending schools teach for anywhere between 30 hours and 40 hours. Additionally, they do not require some very important things in their program. For example, if a bartending school does not have a food and wine pairing class, a beer pouring program, or an alcohol awareness certification, they are not teaching their students properly, and not even providing in person bartending class. Additionally, it is very important to be a high-volume bartender when you graduate. High-volume bartenders are capable of keeping their customers’ drinks filled. Keeping the customer happy and filled in a timely manner is the job of any professional bartender.

    Our Location

    Long Beach Bartending School is located conveniently in Lakewood, California offering dedicated hands on training to students throughout Southern California.

    We will guarantee

    You’ll Have A Bartending Job When You Graduate!

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