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Bartending Jobs Guarnateed



Bartender jobs guaranteed. Every graduate is offered a bartending job the day they graduate and all of our graduates are working within a few days of completing the bartender training we provide. Our 100-hour curriculum has several Bartending Courses combined. Our program provides you the training you need to get a job as a bartender in a high volume establishment.

Bartender Jobs Guaranteed!

Long Beach Bartending School is GUARANTEEING WORK or your money back. Our bartending school educates each student be a rockstar behind the bar. Our graduates are extremely sought after in the service industry. Owners and managers are impressed with our graduates and they hire from us all the time. They know we supply them with the best of the best out of bartending school. No other school puts the effort into their students like we do.

The fact is, the faster you are behind the bar, the more profit you make for the establishment you work for.

High-volume bartending is where it’s at!

The faster you are the more tips you earn, the more sales you make, and customer retention increases. Owners and managers know these things and it is very important to them. Our graduates are able to handle the volume in a busy restaurant, club or bar. Due to our superior training our graduates can count on bartender jobs guaranteed!

What We Are About

Individual one-on-one training is what you will receive when you enroll at Lakewood Bartending School. We go out of our way to ensure that you receive the best training in the area and have the knowledge necessary to be a high volume bartender. This means you will know what to do when you are behind the bar and the “crowd” shows up.

We Will Help You Succeed

With our help, you can get a job as a bartender because we are different. The owner of the school feels people should get their money’s worth. We do not know of another vocational school or trade school where graduates are able to pay themselves back the cost of their tuition in a couple of shifts of work.

If you make the investment in our Bartending School you will not be disappointed. The proof is all over our Social Media. We bought this location at the end of March in 2016 and we do not have a single bad review or unhappy customer.

We have owned and operated the most successful bartending schools in the United States.

Look At The Rest, But Enroll In The Best

Please do your research and visit with us last. We will be happy to let you speak to graduates, current students, and visit us for a while. Get to know us before you make a commitment one way or the other.

It is time you stepped up to your potential, and gave us a call. Let’s help you make it happen.

We will guarantee

You’ll Have A Bartending Job When You Graduate!

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