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Hire A Bartender For A Party, Event or Wedding

Are you looking to hire a bartender for your Party, Special Occasion or Event? We staff Bartenders for ALL Occasions. We staff thousands of Holiday, Office, Birthday, Wedding, Quince, Divorce, etc. parties across Southern California. Call us at 562-402-0300 and tell us exactly what you need. For over 20 years our Staffing Company has been serving the Southern California region. Most of all we staff the largest events. From Music Festivals and Raves to Sports Events, and Concerts. Most note worthy if you name a big event, I’m sure our grads are working it!

Do We Staff Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars?

The answer is, YES! We do staff Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars! There are many fine establishments that count on us solely to staff their Hospitality service needs. furthermore all of our Grads are fully capable of any service industry need on the day they complete the Long Beach Bartending school 100 hour course. Also if an establishment has a custom drink menus or Specialty cocktails our grads are able to practice those at the school.

Is there a Fee for staffing?

At Long Beach Bartending School we do not charge a staffing fee. Our goal is to open as many doors possible for our grads. We feel that charging a fee limits our reach to establishments, events, and other staffing companies. Our staff ranges from Very experienced to recent graduates. Again we do not charge a Fee to staff Bartenders, Bar backs, servers, host, bottle service, or any other Service Industry position. Furthermore we have thousands of Bartenders in our database and can staff any size Event!

Our Bartenders are equipped for the job?

After we discuss your needs we inform our graduates on what they will need to be equipped for the job. Whether it be a simple bar Kit or an actual Portable Bar with fancy linens we make sure our staff has the proper tools to get the job done right! Packages are also set up where we provide large ice chest filled with Ice and filled Garnish trays as well. Most of all Long Beach Bartending School is dedicated to assuring you quality service!

Book our Staff Last Minute.

You can book our staff Last Minute. It happens more than you can imagine. You’ve been planning a party for months and the week of your party you decide you want a second bartender or even a wait staff. In most cases if you give us a 12-24 hour window we can supply your needs. Feel free to call us daily between 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We would like to assist you anyway possible. Also we can fulfill your permanent and temporary needs.

Bartender Uniform

There is no set bartender uniform. We have our staff dress for the job. If there is a specific color theme or dress code you prefer we can cater to that.  Regularly our staff will arrive in a black or white dress shirt, black or white bow-tie or tie, black slacks, black shoes, and black socks. If you are having a themed party like a Luau, Mardi Gras, Jungle theme etc. We enjoy dressing for the occasion! Long Beach Bartending School has had its fair share of interesting request. In conclusion as long as those request or respectful and tasteful we would love to meet your need.

We’ve Been Serving Southern California For Over 20 Years

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