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How Long Is Bartending School?

So you’re thinking about going to bartender school and becoming a certified bartender, but you have a few concerns. Naturally, the first question that comes to mind is how long bartending school lasts. How long must you wait before you can begin applying for jobs? This is an excellent question.

Many people want to get out of school as soon as possible. Others are seeking a decent part-time program that they can fit into their schedule. Both are available at Bartending Schools! If you put your heart and soul into it, Bartending school can be completed in as little as two weeks. You have up to one year to finish the course if you need to spread your bartending classes out.

The length of time it takes to complete bartending school is entirely up to the student. With National Bartending School, the sky’s the limit when it comes to scheduling classes around work, childcare, and other schools.

The benefits of obtaining a bartending certificate or license from a bartending school are numerous. It can help you learn how to become a bartender quickly and efficiently if you’re entirely new to the industry and want to make a career change. If you’re a bartender trying to jumpstart your career, this is the place to be—hour after hour, bartending school forces you to develop your bartending skill.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

Colin Powell

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California Requirements for Bartending School

To earn a bartender license in California, you must complete 40 hours of classroom instruction. These 40 hours are divided into ten two-hour classes that cover each of the ten chapters. Every class is split into two parts: a one-hour lecture followed by an hour of lab time behind the bar. Our mock bar can accommodate numerous students at once, ensuring that there is always enough space and that class size is never a problem.

Students are bound to attend at least one class for each chapter in the textbook in order to be tested. Six days a week, up to three times a day, the school offers classes. The majority of campuses are closed on Sundays.

Once the student has finished their 40 hours of class time, they will take a written and practical exam. The written exam is a full examination of everything that was discussed in class. You will be asked to mix a specific number of drinks in a specific period of time during the practical exam. 

Testing is available to be scheduled every week, so you won’t have to wait long for certification once your sessions are over! Students can request mock exams from instructors prior to testing to help them prepare for the final exam. This can be repeated several times to ensure that you are prepared.

At Long Beach Bartending School, in between planned lessons, students are encouraged to log class hours in the bar, where they can study, mix cocktails, and practice their speed. The time you spend in the lab is deducted from your overall class time. During this time, you can also arrange practice tests. It’s a good idea to use extra practice time to assist you in preparing for the practical exam and a job in a bar.

What You’ll Learn

Bartending school will cover considerably more topics and bartender responsibilities than any new-hire training at a bar. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll learn in a bartending school:

  • Both front and back bars are set up.
  • Maintenance and operation of bar equipment
  • Types of liquor, their history, and how they’re used
  • Sizes and varieties of beer kegs
  • Psychology of the customer
  • Legalities in the industry
  • Alcohol awareness.
  • Etiquette
  • Techniques including physical activity, as well as simulation and practice
  • Maximize sales and gratuity by upselling drinks.
  • Glassware
  • Cleaning and upkeep of the bar
  • Handling of funds
  • Mixology, the fundamentals of bartending, and the beverages that every bartender should know

Some bartending schools also offer bar inventory management, audio-visual equipment, bar and restaurant technology, and menu engineering. The most significant advantage of attending bartending school is the depth and breadth of industry expertise you will get. Others may spend a year trying to figure out what bartending school teaches you in a few weeks.

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Flexible Class Schedule

Make your own schedule! Long Beach Bartending School offers a variety of timetable options. When you attend full-time, you can get your bartender license in as little as two weeks. Many of our campuses have three classes per day Monday through Friday and two classes on Saturday. If you go every day, you can finish your classes and test in under two weeks at a campus like this. If you’re committed to full-time attendance, earning your certification won’t take long.

Some students, out of need, want to take their time. People can only attend a few lessons per week for a variety of reasons, which is absolutely acceptable! At Long Beach Bartending School, we attempt to make bartending classes as convenient as possible for students. 

We want students to choose our bartending school because the classes are a good fit for their schedules. Our students will have the smoothest hours graduating, thanks to our flexible class schedule. The only absolute requirement is that lessons be completed within one year of enrollment.

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Yes, if you’re brand new to bartending and having trouble finding your first job. The Bartending school is well worth the effort. You’re looking for a new job, and Long Beach Bartending School will help you get ready. Whether you want to quickly get done with the school or take your leisure, we have the curriculum for you! Long Beach Bartending School is here to assist you in achieving your objectives, earning your certification, and securing employment in this exciting business! We are proud of our students and encourage them to use school to their advantage! 

Come take a tour of the school, observe a class, and learn why Long Beach Bartending School can and will land you the career of your dreams! We’ll be pleased to address any questions you may have, and we hope to see you in class soon! Get in touch with us right away!

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