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Orange County Bartending School

A good drink can do wonders if made with the right mixture. It can create a lasting impact on a customer. But what’s important is how to do it? Is it possible? How will I learn it? Our course will be taught by highly skilled professionals. It will cover everything from making drinks to closing bars and giving the best services to customers. More importantly, we are refining our Bartending Course at National Bartenders Bartending School to stay up to date with modern requirements.

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    What You’ll Learn In Our Bartending School?

    At Long Beach Bartending School, we always ensure we provide thorough training for Bartender jobs. They will get to learn about prerequisites to be a good bartender. And to be able to do that, the following task would be taught in detail with practical application. This list has been designed in a way to make sure our students do not get to face any complicated tasks while they are doing their job. Even if they are asked to do multiple tasks, it would not be complicated to them or hinder their progress.

    • Open/closing procedures
    • Sanitation
    • Mixology of over 200 drinks including wine and coffee with special emphasis on shooters
    • Precise Free Pouring
    • Money Handling
    • Upselling
    • Inventory Control
    • Glassware
    • Liquor Substitutes
    • Techniques
    • Product Knowledge
    • Liquor Laws/Liability
    • Job Search Techniques
    • Bar Setup & Break Down
    • Credit Card Handling
    • Garnishes
    • Working under pressure – fast!
    • Cutting off customers
    • Customer service
    • Using Bar Tools

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    Bartending School in Orange County

    Why Choose Our Bartending School in Orange County?

    One on One Training:

    At this bartending school, one on one training will be provided to thoroughly guide applicants. This approach trains our candidates holistically to confidently carry out their tasks at work. Also, individual attention allows learners to open up about their shortcomings without much hesitation. At the same time, Bartenders will be more prepared to do their job themselves if their colleague misses out. It will also give exposure to learners on what to expect when they step out to implement it. In addition to this, one on training is key to building confidence in a person. Subsequently, it motivates an individual to do their task without any major hurdle. Hence, trainees need to learn individually as some bars only require a single person to operate. This will give our students the comparative advantage to get a bartending job.

    Fully Stocked Bar:

    The key aspect of learning Bartending is to have an environment suitable for it. And, our course will help students to learn bartending in a fully stocked bar. A job of a bartender is to manage the bar; therefore, it is only possible if they get a fully stocked bar in a training program. As a result, candidates would be indoctrinated as per the environment of Bar which will bolster their confidence in their actual job. Not only this, to have a fully stocked bar means that students would get to learn about different types of drinks and their mixtures. Until and unless students do not have the facility of the fully stocked bar, it will be hard to learn about the task at hand. Therefore, our training will ensure that candidates get as much exposure as possible.

    Flexible Class Schedules

    Besides a fully stocked bar, our Bartending School gives an option of flexible class schedules. Keeping in mind that many people might be doing their studies, part-time jobs or any other activity; our school would not hamper their routine. It will allow them to choose timings as per their availability and requirements. Our culture believes in being flexible and accommodating rather than being rigid. Moreover, flexible class schedules would help students to attend their missed classes in a different slot. This way our students and trainees would not be missing out on their daily tasks. Thus, flexibility is key to training programs.

    Get Certified in as Little as 10 Days:

    Furthermore, this course has been designed in such a systematic way that our students can get their Bartending training certificates within ten days. Since this course has been prepared and taught by professionals, it has become easier than ever to attend a Bartending course from our institute. This luxury is not available anywhere easily where you not only learn Bartending thoroughly but within less time and effort. Our school believes in innovative and modern techniques that suit contemporary requirements. Our institute keeps refining its curriculum and methodology in collaboration with National Bartending School. Therefore, our Bartending school offers efficiency and effectiveness to prosper in this field.

    Get a Bartending Job When you Graduate:

    More importantly, our Bartending School makes sure that our graduates secure their job as soon as they complete their training program. Since our course prepares trainees in such an articulated manner, it becomes easier for them to get a job. However, this only happens because our Bartending creates a practical environment to inculcate our students and indoctrinate what is needed at the bar to convince customers. And,  at the same time, it trains them to manage everything at the bar from opening to the closing process. This will create an impact on the minds of employers when they get to know about quality training and experience.

    What Our Students Say

    Long Beach Bartending School has successfully helped thousands of students launch their new careers

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      I am currently a bartender, and with the help of Elvis from Long Beach Bartending School, I have been able to secure so many job opportunities that I never... read more

      thumb Sovereign E.
    •   Hello future bartenders!!

      Because it happened to be closer to where I'm living, I went to ABC bartending. However, after not being able to secure job opportunities for my primary... read more

      thumb Ruthie C.
    •   Long Beach Bartending School is EASILY one of the best bartending schools in SoCal. You learn almost everything you need to know about being behind the bar (and I say... read more

      thumb Mavirick C.

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