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ServSafe Alcohol Awareness Classes

ServSafe Alcohol awareness classes are increasingly important. Many businesses require alcohol awareness classes or they are not allowed to let you pour or serve alcohol. Long Beach Bartending School hosts a class called ServSafe Alcohol Awareness. In addition to being a top authority concerning rules, laws, and regulations of alcohol, the class teaches the psychology of dealing with intoxicated customers. To emphasize, most employers will not hire someone to bartend or serve alcohol without the proper credentials. ServSafe Alcohol Awareness is the leader in the industry nationwide.

ServSafe is a Required Class

At Long Beach Bartending School ServSafe is a required class before one graduates. This class is very important and we want you to take it at our bartending school. With this in mind, our reasoning is education and knowledge. Certainly, the more knowledge one has, the better they will bartend. Another key point, Lakewood Bartending School teaches the class at the school and not online. This affords every student the opportunity to accumulate the knowledge they need. The teacher has 10 years of experience teaching ServSafe. Additionally, our ServSafe Instructor possesses 16 years of bartending experience.

Dealing With Difficult People

Fortunately, ServSafe along with the help of your instructor, will help everyone understand how to tell if a patron is intoxicated. Additionally, ServSafe teaches the proper way to deal with an intoxicated customer. Importantly, how to de-escalate the situation rather then escalate the situation. Many people are great people. However, give some people a couple of drinks and the show is on! Certainly, all graduates must learn how to deal with intoxicated and obnoxious customers. Bartending is a fun job but there are times when you must cut off service to a customer. To clarify, Long Beach Bartending School would merely like you to be safe. Escalating a situation is very easy to do and it is very counterproductive. Therefore, it is imperative our graduates have the knowledge to do the right job.

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